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Stacking Christmas trees

What better than little Christmas trees to represent Christmas?

Here's an original idea for making Christmas trees with your children.

The advantage is that children can modify them by manipulating them, so they can have a forest of trees of different sizes or a single large tree.


- green paper (several shades if possible)

- compass

- pencil

- ruler

- scissors

- glue


1. Make several circles of different sizes on the green paper.

2. Cut the circles into two equal parts. Each half circle will be used to form a cone.

3. Make a cone by rolling the paper around itself. Depending on the desired width of the cone, the rolled part will be larger or smaller.

4. Apply glue to fix each cone.

Once all the cones have been made, the game is ready.

The child can :

- count them

- sort them by size

- stack them to form a large fir tree or leave them alone so that each cone represents a tree (which will make a pretty forest!)

These trees can be used as items in small worlds, as decoration for Christmas or as educational material to introduce mathematical concepts.


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