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The flowering dinos

Nature is the best playground we can have. Children love to play outside and observe animals, plants and mushrooms.

Let's use spring flowers to work on children's fine motor skills.

I suggest two different dinosaur-themed activities using spring flowers:

1. the Dino sun catcher:

Use a plate and a straw with a little adhesive to create a dinosaur, then simply collect flower petals and leaves to dress it up. Then let the sun's rays shine through to see the beautiful colors of your dinosaur.

Materials and step-by-step detailed: here

2. The Dino Bouquet.

After cutting out the shape of a dinosaur from cardboard, it can be painted and then we create holes in the cardboard. Flower stems can be passed through each hole to create an original bouquet.

Materials and step-by-step detailed: here

Children are happy to collect flowers and see the dino they've painted change colors and textures.

This activity can be more or less easy, depending on the size of the holes, so it can be adapted to each child's age and motor development skills


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