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Play to learn - Activities for kids 0 - 6 years

Discover "La Jungle Des Créations"

Children and their natural curiosity, their desire for learning and their natural enthusiasm. It's hard not to want to accompany them in their learning, to help them and see them evolve and grow. As a parent or family relative, you may want to get involved in your child's learning, to give them a different kind of support from the one they already get at school. By doing manual activities and allowing them to participate in daily life at home (tending the vegetable garden, setting the table, cooking, cleaning, tidying up, etc.), children will grow, evolve and become fully aware of the world around them.

"Play is the child's work" (Maria Montessori), so let's make their lives a giant game in which they learn a great deal in a different way. The school has its educational role to play, and we, parents and adults, also have our role to play, and it's a very important one, because it's the future of our little ones!


Me, it's Marion. I am a researcher in evolutionary biology and ecology. Since a morning in mid-July 2018, my daily life has been turned upside down, when Minus was born. And to continue this great change, at the end of 2021, Minusculette joined him.
I love seeing them grow every days. Living in Sweden, I'm lucky to have a great balance between work and family life, so I'm enjoying the most I can!
Child development has become a real passion and I love to see how play, observation (in nature or through books) and creative activities allow children to evolve and progress. A new way to learn while having fun. 

Another important thing for me is to transmit to my kids that we can create from our daily waste (upcycling). I remain a convinced ecologist and I want they understand that over-consumption is dangerous for all the organisms inhabiting our planet, including humans. By familiarizing them with recycling, seasonal produce, local consumption, they learn the importance of protecting the planet and they become aware of the need and the issues related to pollution and over-consumption. Many of our creations are therefore made from daily products (not everything of course) and seeing stars in a child's eyes when they discover that with pieces of cardboard, we are able to build a game, it's just wonderful. 

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