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Beautiful blond locks

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a classic tale that almost every child knows.

It's also a great tale for doing a little graphic design with the kids. Reproduce the little girl's blond hair, for example.

Here, I propose a fun activity to represent beautiful blond locks in three different ways: paint via stamping, marker via drawing and paper via folding and gluing.


- white A4 paper

or download and print the model with the 3 little girls I made here:

Download PDF • 28.85MB

- yellow marker

- yellow paper

- toilet paper roll

- scissors

- yellow paint

- glue

Step-by-step tutorial:

1. Draw the same child's face three times on A4 paper, or use the model above.

2. Cut 5mm-wide strips of yellow paper (at least 10 strips).

3. Prepare a small round stamp by cutting a roll of toilet paper on the length. Then, folding and taping it to obtain a smaller circle diameter.

Now it's time for the little hands to play...

The first Goldilocks:

1. Dip the round stamp in the yellow paint .

2. Paint circles around the face

The second Goldilocks:

Draw beautiful curls with a yellow marker around the face.

The third Goldilocks:

1. Wrap each strip of paper around a marker or pencil.

2. Glue the strips around face

3. Optional: for a better finish, cut an half-circle in yellow paper and glue it to the top of the head to mask the gluing of the paper strips.

The kids' creations (5 and 2 years old respectively):

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