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Christmas tree to learn sequence

Christmas tree to learn sequence.

Through a thematic game, such as decorating a Christmas tree, children can develop their observation, reproduction and fine motor skills.


- cardboard (~30x15cm)

- 4 green pipe cleaners

- a star to stick

- hole punch

- colored beads (yellow, gray, blue, orange and white).

- bead models available free of charge here:

Download PDF • 40KB

Step-by-step :

1. Punch a hole in the top of a piece of cardboard.  Pass 4 pipe cleaners through and hold them by sticking a star on top.

2. Pass the beads following différent models.

3. Optional: Make 4 holes at the bottom of the cardboard to hold the pipe cleaners and make a pretty tree.

Now it's time for the children to play.

Start with easy sequences, it is important to give some times for the kids to understand the concept.

This game can also be used as a counting game.


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