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Christmas village

Where do Christmas elves come from? Let your imagination run wild (forest, North Pole, ice castle, Santa's village, etc.).

Ours live in little houses hidden away in the farfaraway forest, and we've built several houses to represent the village.

Materials :

- Toilet paper rolls

- Pencil

- Cutter

- Compass

- Acrylic paints

- Red paper

- Glitter

- Electric candle (optional)

Step-by step:

1. Cut the toilet paper rolls into different-sized houses.

2. Draw windows and doors on each house with a pencil.

Tips : I made windows with shutters that can be opened and closed

3. Cut with a cutter to create the door and the windows.

4. Paint the houses with pretty colors (blue, yellow, red) and the shutters and doors with different colors to bring out the different structures.

5. Using a compass, draw circles on a sheet of red paper (make them wider than the diameter of your toilet roll, otherwise the roofs will be too small). Cut to obtain half-circles.

6. Using each half-circle, form a cone and glue it to obtain the roof

7. Glue the roof on a house.

8. Decorate or let your child decorate each house with glitter of different colors.

9. Add an electric candle for a luminous effect!


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