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Dragon Masks

Become a dragon by making your own mask!

Every 12 years, the dragon makes its return to the Chinese calendar. Even if we don't celebrate Chinese New Year at home, it still means a lot to some of our friends and work colleagues. So, to talk about it with the children and open them up to other cultures, we talk about it when we're creating.

Hereafter, the list of materials and a step-by-step tutorial.

You can download the free mask pattern and use it either directly to make a paper mask and thus start this activity at step 3, or by transferring it to a cardboard plate and following all the steps.

Download PDF • 2.55MB

🐉 Materials:

-cardboard plate



-paint brushes


-acrylic glue


-black marker

-tissue paper


-elastic band

🐉 Step-by-step:

1. Draw the dragon's head on the back of a plate

2. Cut out the parts to be removed. Reuse them to make horns.

3. Paint the mask and horns

4. Cut 9 strips of tissue paper (1x10cm) and also wider sections using moutain pattern to make the dragon's mane.

5. Glue the horns and tissue paper to the back of the mask.

6. Cut the inner part of the eyes with a cutter and highlight some details of the mask with a black marker.

7. Use a needle to make two holes on each side of the mask for the elastic band.

Small photo gallery:


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