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Humanity United (« 5 contientes en el mismo corazon »)

Every year, in April 22, we celebrate the International Earth Day. The Earth is so many things that we have to make a choice on how to present it. We can talk about its structure (geology), biodiversity (ecology), but this year, I started with the idea to talk about humanity (because geology and biology are often topic often discuss at home… with two parents who are researchers in biology, evolution and ecology... it's good to change the topic).

I wanted to focus with the kids on the division of the continents, the social differences, the cultural differences, the physical differences and yet the same species: The human (homo sapiens sapiens)

Materials :

- red thick paper

- white paper

- pencil

- black marker

- 5 different colored markers (one color per continent)

- compass

- scissors

- glue

Step-by-step :

1. On white paper, draw 6 identical circles with a compass.

2. Draw the 5 continents in one of the circles. In the 5 other circles, zoom in on one of the 5 continents (Africa, America, Antarctica, Eurasia and Oceania).

3. Color each continent in a different color.

4. On the zooms of each continent, write the name of the corresponding continent (the child can read it and memorize it... this is the geography part of this activity)

5. Fold each circle in half and glue between them to build a half-sphere

6. Cut a heart from red paper.

7. Glue the half-sphere in the center of the heart.

8. Optional: write a sentence or message on the heart. For us, it was the lyrics of the Ska-P song "Cinco continentes en el mismo corazón".

The +: I recommend listening to the song "Mestizaje" by the band Ska-P ;-), we explain the lyrics to the children and they will love the rhythm to dance and jump


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