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Jack and the giant's vertical race.

Creative activity based on the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Here is an activity using cardboard paper rolls to create a beanstalk.

On this bean, Jack can climb up to the cloud and reach the giant's castle, but he'll have to get down quickly if he doesn't want the giant to catch him.


- 2 cardboard paper rolls

- green paint

- paintbrush

- black marker

- green wool thread

- white paper

- pencil

- colored markers

- glue

- cotton

🌱Step-by-step tutorial:

The Bean:

1. Paint the paper towel rolls in green.

2. Using a black marker, draw branches, leaves and bean fruits.

3. Glue cotton to one end of one roll.

4. Put the two rolls one on top of the other and glue (or keep them separate so that each character can climb at different part of the bean).

Jack & the giant:

1. Draw Jack and the giant on a white paper.

2. Colour and cut the two characters.

Final assembly:

1. Put a green cotton thread through the bean and tie a knot. Cut the thread but by keeping a small length of cotton thread (3-4cm).

2. Glue the small Jack character on the knot.

3. Redo the previous 2 steps with the giant.

Now the two main characters of the tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, can climb up and down the beanstalk as much as they want.

To follow the tutorial step-by-step, click here (video tutorial).

This tutorial is inspired by Maëva Gruaz's (@lesmercredissouslapluie) latest book, "Les mercredis sous la pluie au pays des contes".


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