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Santa's sleigh and reindeer

When you think Christmas, you think Santa Claus.

When you think sleigh, you think reindeer.

Here's what you need to create Santa's favorite transport.

In the same spirit of recycling and upcycling, we did everything using old cardboard.

The models are free to download here :

Download PDF • 1.43MB


- cardboard

- cutter (or scissor)

- pencil

- acrylic paints

- posca markers (gold, white and black)

- red wool string


1. Print and cut out the patterns (other model design are available on the net).

2. With the pencil, draw around the patterns on cardboard.

3. Cut out each element.

4. The elements can be assembled if you want to keep them natural (Minus has built and deconstructed them several times, like a 3D puzzle)

OR you can paint them before assembly.

5. Use a simple red wool string to connect the reindeer to the sleigh.

But you can also imagine to fill the sleigh with a lot of small presents


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