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Snowy mountains

In Sweden, the mountains aren't very high, but we're going to create some. Some will be so steep, we could challenge Yeti to climb them.


- light and dark blue paper

- large white paper

- scissors

- glue

- white or silver sequins


1. Draw triangles with different angles on the blue papers

2. Cut the triangles following the lines.

3. Sort the triangles by size

Tips about classification exercise. This is a good way to learn quantities and it's important to develop mathematic skills with the kids

4. Glue the triangles on the white paper.

The larger ones on the bottom, the smaller ones on top.

5. Apply glue to the top of each triangle.

6. Pour with glitter and remove the excess.

Why this simple activity for the kids?

1. Work on shape and mathematics:

- What's a triangle?

- How do you make a triangle?

- What objects have this shape?

- Which is the tallest? which is the thinnest? which is the highest? which is the smallest?

2. Use of fine motor skills

- Cutting (following lines)

- Gluing


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