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The birds with hand fan wings

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

With the coming spring, the migration of the birds begins. In spite of the Swedish cold of this 29th of March (- 15°C), we can hear in the sky, the return of the grey geese. Soon wagtails and greenfinches will come back in the parks and gardens for the greatest pleasure of the little (and big) observers.

So I suggested to Minus to do a manual activity on the theme of birds.


- card paper

- pencil

- scissors

- cutter

- A5 colored papers

- markers: black and orange/yellow

How to do it :

1. Draw a pattern of a bird on the card paper and cut it.

2. Fold the A5 colored paper in accordeon shape.

3. Draw the eyes in black and color the beak in orange.

4. Cut a thin Line, with the cutter, on the back of the bird (correspondant to the width of the hanf fan).

5. Pass the hand fan through the hole. Unfold the wings.

The birds are ready to leave the nest!!

More details, step-by-step pictures are presented on my instagram account: click here


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