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The colors of spring.

We often think to explain to kids the changes over the seasons but more rarely within a season. While, between the beginning and the end of spring, the landscape, including the trees, changes a lot.

Here, I propose an easy activity for young kids (3+) in order to approach the different stages of the tree during the spring.


- cardboard

- compass

- ruler

- pencil

- cutter

- brown liquid watercolor

- paint brushes

- straw

- aluminum foil

- green paint pencil (posca)

- paints (green and pink)

How to do it :

1. Using the compass and ruler, draw two identical trees on cardboard. Cut them with a cutter.

2. Make slot to fit one tree into the other.

3. Paint the trunks with brown watercolor then place drops of watercolor and blow with the straw to form the branches. Do this operation on the 4 sides of the tree.

4. Let the first face blank. Paint the second face with green pencils (2 different greens) to represent the buds. For the third face, crumple aluminium foil and add pink paint on it then stamp the aluminum on the tree to represent the flowers. For the fourth face, paint green.

What I like in this activity is that:

(1) we use several painting techniques

(2) we give temporal notions to the child

(3) we ask the child to observe the nature around him. So the kid is active for the learning.


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