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Winter Lanterns

Decorative winter lanterns to light up long winter nights.

Here's a tutorial on how to make pretty lanterns from a cardboard milk box.


- milk carton

- black acrylic paint

- painting brushes

- transparent paper

- silhouette of winter characters (download from the internet or draw yourself)

Here are the patterns I used:

Download PDF • 119KB

- scissors / cutter

- glue

- electric candle


1. Cut 4 rectangles of the same size on the milk carton box. Leave at least 5 mm of width around the rectangles. Then cut a circle at the bottom to put the electric candle.

2. Paint the milk carton black.

3. Cut 4 rectangles from the transparent paper (a bit larger than the 4 rectangles in step 1).

4. Print or draw and cut four winter characters using dark colours

5. Glue the characters onto each piece of paper. Then glue around the papers to glue them into the milk box.

6. Make two holes in the top of the milk carton and tie a jute string to complete the lantern.

7. Add the electric candle

Read by lantern light or simply use them as night lights to decorate your house or windows.

It's up to you to create wonderful recycled lanterns.


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