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Wonderland Puzzle

This magical, magnificent work by Lewis Carroll has been reused so many times, notably in the Disney movie in 1951.

Here, I propose to use duplo lego to create puzzles with the characters of Alice in Wonderland.


- 5 duplo legos (h = 36mm) or 10 full-size legos (h = 18mm)

- A4 white paper

- pencils and markers

- A4 self-adhesive paper

- printer

- scissors

If you want to make the puzzles without the drawing step:

--> the pencil version is here:

Download PDF • 18.72MB

If you want to make the puzzles without the drawing and coloring steps:

--> the final version (ready to print) is here:

Download PDF • 13.65MB

Step-by-step tutorial:

1. Draw the outline of the duplos (I used 2 or 3 according characters).

2. Choose the characters and draw them inside the rectangle.

3. Color the characters.

4. Copy in a printer the drawings and print them on self-adhesive paper.

5. Cut each character to fit on the duplo and glue them on the lego.

Mix the different parts of each character to add challenge.


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