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Ladybug Bingo

A fun game to learn to read the numbers from 0 to 50. This bingo will help the child to associate the numbers and their representations.

It is not easy for a child to associate numbers with their representation... A child may know how to count up to 100 even before knowing how to recognize the number 1. With this game the child will learn this association and that will lead to new perspectives (reading the time, learning the operations on a board, etc.).

The rules are simple:

- Each player chooses one or more ladybugs and places them in front of him/her. He/she takes the corresponding number of black dots to complete the ladybug (10 dots per ladybug)

- In a small bag or a box, place the numbers and the lucky guys (smileys).

- Each player in turn draws a number from the bag and must read it to the others. If the number is present on one of the ladybug cards, the player places a black dot on it (be careful not to put the numbers already drawn in the bag, the game could then be extremely long...). If a lucky man is drawn, he is placed wherever the player wants on the ladybug.

- Once a player manages to complete his half ladybug he can say "Bingo", if the player manages to complete the full card, it's "Mega Bingo" and the player has won the game.

Here is the document containing this nice little game:

Download PDF • 67KB

To give to the game a long and beautiful life, I recommend printing and laminating it. Then, you will have a nice evening of cutting, but thinking about the happiness on the kid faces to have this new game and you will find the motivation to do it ;-)

The +: You can use any numerical series (from 50 to 100 for example for the older ones)


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