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Counting mushrooms

Create different species of mushrooms using polymer clay to realise a real mushroom hunt with your kids.

Below are two links to make your own baskets and mushrooms (but you can also find some materials in stores):

- How to make small baskets from cardboard, fabric and string: here

- How to create polymer clay mushrooms: here

For younger children:

- sorting game: Discriminate each species and put the similar ones into the same basket.

- market game: trade mushrooms for hugs and kisses

For older children:

For both following games, "operation cards" are required. You can download them here:

Download PDF • 79KB

- Counting: learn subtraction and addition with numerical values from 0 to 30.

The child can count using the mushrooms in front of him.

e.g. 5 chanterelle + 2 porcini - 1 chanterelle; the child will take in front of him 5 chanterelle, 2 porcini, then remove one of the chanterelle. He will finally count all the mushrooms in front of him and find the solution to the operation 5+2-1=6.

More details: here

- The picking game: learning subtraction and addition with numerical values from 0 to 10.

The aim is for the child to learn to stop counting with mushrooms.

The child must now perform the operations without making any mistakes to be able to collect mushrooms... if he makes a mistake the bear advances and risks to eat the mushrooms.

More details: here

For this game, I only use the "operation cards" for whose the sum is < or = 10.

Gallery of polymer clay Amanita creation steps:


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