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Spring Mobile

Mobiles are great tools to capture the attention of the little ones but they are also beautiful objects of decoration for the older ones.

I asked to Minus (4 years and 8 months) some questions about the Spring:

"Is it always sunny?"

"What color makes you think of Spring?

"Are there animals that are not present in Sweden during the Winter but come back in the Spring?

"Are there many insects?

"What about flowers? Are there a lot of them in the garden or in the forest right now?

Based on his answers, I build this mobile by recycling old cardboard boxes.

He was so glad to discover it one evening when he came home from school and he understood that this mobile illustrated the spring according to the questions I had asked him. The fact that I asked him questions allowed him to be active in learning and therefore to better retain the information I was giving him. The mobile is like a little reward and allows him to remember what we talked about.

For Minusculette (18months) is it like a game. She like to see the mobile but we can also play with asking to her: “Who is black and red?” or “What does the frog sound like?”.

For details (materials and step by step method) it's here.


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