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Make your own recycled puzzle

Children love to play and the game is a very good tool to learn.

Why not realize your own game for your kid by recycling old cardboard boxes?

It's not expensive and can be customized according to affinities of the child.

Here is how you can make a puzzle for your children using markers and two pieces of cardboard.

1. Didi (Babblarna) puzzle for Minusculette (18 months)

The details of the materials and the step-by-step process: here

2. Spring reading puzzle for Minus (4 years and 9 months) to learn complex sounds.

The details to realize it (materials and step-by-step): here

By achieving the puzzle, yourself, you can easily adapt it to your child and therefore change the difficulty levels over time (i.e. more or less pieces, size of pieces or shape of pieces).


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