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Deer with hand antlers

Do you know a child who doesn't like to use their hand to draw ?

For a change from the hand-shaped Santa, this year I suggested that the children use both hands to make the antlers of one of Santa's reindeer.

And yes... What would Santa be without his reindeer?

Materials :

- coloured paper (brown, red, and another with Christmas motif or glossy)

- pencil

- black and white markers

- scissors

- glue

Step-by-step :

1. Cut a pattern of a reindeer head from brown paper.

Cut a circle from red paper to make the nose. Glue the circle onto the reindeer's head.

2. Draw around the hands on a lovely paper with a pencil. Cut the hand shapes.

3. Turn the reindeer over and glue the bottom of the hands to the top of the reindeer head.

4. Turn again and draw the eyes and mouth.

As well as being a quick and cheap activity, this creation, using the shape of children's hands, makes a lovely decorative Christmas souvenir.


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