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Snow White's poisonous apple

The Evil Queen doesn't want Snow White interfering in her life anymore and decides to poison her with a trick apple.

Here's a simple activity for little hands: make beautiful red apples.

Older children can also make poison apples.

Materials :

- Fimo (red and green)

- 1 fine excavation tool

- small pieces of wood

Step-by-step tutorial :

Classic apples:

1. Form small balls of red Fimo clay.

2. Plant a piece of wood in each apple.

For the poisoned apple:

1. Make a ball of red Fimo clay.

2. Cover the red ball with a thin green circle of polymer clay.

3. Dig holes to form the eyes and nose.

4. Put a piece of wood or a metal loop (to make a pendant).

5. Place the apples in the oven for 30 minutes at 110°C.

Would you like a handmade basket made from recycled cardboard?

Details (materials and step-by-step) are: here


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