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The Christmas Sequins Tree

For all the children who celebrate Christmas around the world, the Christmas tree is a must to decorate.

Whether it's made of wood, plastic, cardboard or a natural tree. No matter how it looks, children just want to decorate it.

Here's a simple game that will be a great exercise in fine motor skills.


  • polystyrene cone

  • green wool

  • glue

  • jute string

  • sequins.

  • bells

  • round-headed pins


1. Put a dot of glue on the polystyrene cone to attach a piece of green wool to it. Cover the cone with the wool. Secure the end of the wool with a dot of glue and/or a knot.

2. Using the same process, add a small piece of jute string in a different colour to make a garland.

3. Pin the sequins and bells to decorate the tree.


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