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The little red hen

A bit maniac and a very good dressmaker, the red hen never takes off her apron which contains a thimble, a needle and of course scissors. Thanks to these objects, she'll escape the fox that wanted to cook her for the dinner.


- colored papers (yellow, orange, blue, red and gold)

- glue

- scissors

- compass

- black marker

- white posca

- googly eyes

Step-by-step method :

1. Cut a circle (diameter 14cm) from orange paper.

Draw and cut a triangle with a base of 7cm in this circle.

Roll and glue the paper to form a cone.

2. Cut:

- 1 orange circle (diameter: 3cm)

- 2 red feet and 1 comb.

- 2 gold strips 8cm long and 0.5 to 1cm wide

- 1 blue apron

- 1 yellow equilateral triangle (3cm)

3. Draw a pocket on the apron with a black marker and make small white dots to decorate the apron.

Glue the apron to the hen's body.

4. Fold the gold paper as a fan.

Glue the red feet to one end.

Glue the free extremity into the hen's body.

5. Fold the yellow triangle to form the beak and glue it in the middle of the small circle.

6. Glue the googly eyes (or draw them) and the chick's comb.

Then glue the head to the top of the cone.

Some pictures of the children's little hands at work.

This activity involves cutting, gluing and folding.

I left the model available for the kids to observe and manipulate so they can reproduce it.


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