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The rabbits weekly schedule

The time is a difficult concept for children. Years, seasons, weeks, days, hours, minutes... In brief, it is easy to get lost with all these terms and it is necessary to have a progressive learning and to take time with the kids for each notion.

Every morning, when Minus was 2-3 years old, he asked us: "Is there school today?"

So to help him, I built a weekly schedule.


- cardboard (approx. 10cm x 35cm)

- 7 half rolls of toilet paper

- paints (7 different colors)

- thick papers (7 different colors)

Tips: choose the same color for the papers and the paint

- white paper

- black marker

- scissors

- glue

- an object to note the day

Tips: wooden carrot here, but you can also make your own by rolling up a triangle of orange paper

How to do it:

1. Paint the cardboard green

2. Paint each half roll of toilet paper using a different color

3. In each colored paper, draw a rabbit's head and two legs. Cut them out.

4. In the white paper, cut two eyes and two teeth for each rabbit

5. Glue the eyes and teeth on each rabbit head and draw the details of the face (pupil, mouth, nose, moustaches) with a black marker

6. Write the names of the days of the week on each toilet paper half-roll

Tips: I differentiated the two days of the weekend by writing them on a white paper

7. Glue each rabbit's head and legs onto the toilet paper half rolls

8. Glue the toilet paper rolls onto the green cardboard

This will allow the kid to:

(1) Understand the principle of the week

(2) Know if it is a school day or not

(3) learn and name the days of the week


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