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The recycling angel

Personalised Christmas decorations made from recycled materials?

Of course it's possible!

Here's a tutorial for making an angel from an egg carton.

It's simple and gives a really great result

Watch the video tutorial: here or using the QRcode:

What? You don't have an instagram account?

No problem, you'll find the materials and detailed tutorial below.


- egg carton

- scissors

- ribbon

- jute string

- gold sequins

- wooden beads (1 with a drawn face or make your own with posca markers + 2 smaller diameter beads)

- decorative paper

- glue


1. Glue two smaller wooden beads onto a wooden bead to make two little buns.

2. If the face bead is blank, draw the facial features and hair with a posca pencil (or equivalent).

Tips: I added two little string around the buns, it's not necessary but I thought it was cute.

3. Cut a cardboard cone from an egg carton and paint it in white. As it's Christmas, you can even add some glitter :-)

4. Glue the head to the top of the cone and stick a piece of ribbon just under the head to represent a little scarf.

5. Cut two strips of paper (6 x 30cm). Fold to form fans.

6. Glue the fans each side of the cone and finish by gluing a string to the inside of the face bead to hang the angel on the tree.

And that's how a little recycling angel was born. This angel will look after you throughout the Christmas holidays.


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