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The up-cycled daffodil

Recycling to play, recycling to learn, recycling to create!

It's part of our daily life.

So to celebrate the first day of spring, we prepared three daffodils made of cardboard and toilet paper rolls.

Do you want to do this activity? No problem for more details (materials and step-by-step), it is this way

I like to create games, activities and decorations with/for children from cardboard and plastic found in our home.

It is so gratifying to see how children love to see things transformed and often I have observed that they play more with things that we have created than with commercial toys. Part of this observation is explained by the fact that we create according to their desires, what they like and therefore the creations directly respond to their needs.

In addition, this allows us to reduce significantly our expenses and to avoid over-consumption.


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