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🎄🔔🦌 Christmas tree rattle 🎄🔔🦌

Here's an egg carton recycling activity that kids will love.

It's an easy craft to make music with.

Materials: - egg box

- green, red and yellow paint

- bells

- wooden stick

- brown posca

- elastic string

- glue (gun recommended for rapid setting)

- paint brushes

Step-by-step : 1. Cut 4 cones from an egg carton and paint them green (we used two shades).

2. Using a brush (hard brush) make red and yellow dots by shaking the brush without touching the cones.

3. Tie a bouquet of bells to an elastic string.

4. Pass the elastic string through each cone and then stick it in the last cone.

5. Paint the wooden stick brown and glue it into the bottom cone.


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