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Polar fox

Fjällräven - No, it's not just a brand of clothing, it means "polar fox" in Swedish.

These little foxes are so beautiful but so difficult to observe in the snow.

Here, I'm proposing a painting-cutting-gluing activity that younger kids really enjoy.


- watercolour paper

- fox pattern (download below) :

Download PDF • 16KB

- scissors

- watercolours (liquids ones are the best)

- brushes

- glue

Optional: salt crystals

Step-by-step :

1.Dilute liquid watercolour in water (1:6) or paint several layers with solid watercolour on white paper.

2. Add some blue and purple shades

3. Optional: add salt crystals to the paint, which is still wet, to create a crystal effect. Leave to dry, then remove the salt.

4. Print and cut the different pieces of the fox pattern.

5. Glue the different geometrical forms to recreate the fox.


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