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Sweet Bears with Sweety Sweaters

Even bears, with their fat reserves, can freeze in the cold of the winter.

Here, I suggest you create a bear. But not just any bear... a bear in a sweater ;-)

A perfect activity to recycle cardboard and turn it into a winter magical character.

🐻 Materials:

- cardboard

- pencil

- compass

- scissors/cutter

- pastels

- posca markers

- wool

🐻 Réalisation :

1. Draw a bear shape on cardboard

2. Cut out the bear and also the extremities of the paws

3. Draw and cut a heart on the cardboard.

4. Use pastels to colour the bear and the little heart.

5. With the scissors make several 2mm notches (starting from the neck to the bottom).

6. Insert the wool into the neck notch, then wrap around the bear's body to form the sweater. Make a knot at the back to stop the wool.

7. Draw the face of the bear with the Posca markers

8. Slide the heart into the bear's hands

As well as being a fun, inexpensive activity that provides a beautiful companion to play with, this activity helps to develop the child's fine motor skills:

- cutting

- rolling wool

- face drawing


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