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The 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

The tale of The Three Little Pigs is a good way for the kid to learn the value of effort and perseverance.

I'm proposing an activity based on this tale, making three pigs and a wolf using recycled materials.


- cardboard

- toilet paper rolls

- pencil

- scissors

- glue (optional: glue gun)

- acrylic paints: black and pink

- markers or posca: white, black and gray

- googly eyes

- pipe cleaner : black and pink

- Models to download :

Download PDF • 2.13MB

Step-by-step to make a pig:

To view the video tutorial, click here: here

1. Use patterns. Trace the front (head, ears and 2 legs) and back (a circle with 2 legs) of the pig on cardboard.

Cut out the two shapes.

2. Cut a toilet paper roll in half. The half-roll will be the pig's belly.

3. Paint the toilet-paper roll and both sides of the pig-shaped cardboard in pink.

Leave to dry.

4. Glue the googly eyes on the pig's face with the ears.

Draw a nose and a mouth with a black marker.

5. Cut 4-5cm of pink pipe cleaner and wrap it around your finger.

Fix it into the center of the pig's back.

6. Glue the pig's head and back to the pink half-roll.

For 3 pigs, you only need to do all these steps 3 times ;-)

Step-by-step to make the Wolf:

1. Use the patterns. Trace the Wolf's head and tail on cardboard.

Cut out the shapes.

2. Color the inside of the ears and the end of the tail with a gray marker.

3. Paint in black the toilet paper roll, as well as both sides of the tail and head.

Leave to dry.

4. Draw the eyes with white posca and the mouth with grey marker (or posca).

5. Cut a black pipe cleaner into four pieces and fix each piece into the toilet roll to form the arms and legs.

6. Glue the wolf's head and tail to the toilet roll.

"Run, run, the wolf is ready, he's hungry and he's coming!"


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