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The inflated Chicken little.

Would you like to have a beautiful plump chick to decorate the house at Easter or to introduce the farm theme with your kids at home?

Materials :

- balloon

- vinyl glue

- scraps of newspapers

- strips of yellow tissue paper

- circles of purple tissue paper

- brush

- red and beige card stock

- string

- red felt

- glue gun

- black pen

How to do it?

1. Cover with glue and newspaper an inflated balloon. Once dry, cover with glue and yellow tissue paper (repete twice). Add circles of purple tissue paper to decorate.

2. Stick the red and beige papers together. Draw and cut out: 2 wings, 2 feet, 2 eyes and a beak inside. Draw the inside of the eyes. Cut a crest and a barbel on the felt. Fix all the elements on the chick using the glue gun (except the feet).

3. Cut two pieces of string. Make a hole in the foot and one in the chick to tie with the cotton string.

I hope you enjoy this activity and that this pretty chick will find a nice place in your home.


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