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The nest in the egg and the eggs in the nest

An original and easy Easter decoration.


- Inflatable balloon

- Quick glue (vinyl type)

- Paint brush

- Wools of different color (here 3)

- Scissors

How to do it:

1. Inflate a balloon to the desired size

Tips: for kids, it is better to make small egg because it takes a long time to cover and they'll get bored.

2. Using a brush, cover the ballon with glue.

3. Cover the glue with the wool string of different color. Let it dry.

4. Pierce the balloon and remove it.

5. Cut a circle in the wool egg to make the entrance of the nest.

Tips: we added feathers in the bottom of the nest and small chickens around the egg. The day of Easter, kids will discover chocolate eggs inside the nest ;-)


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