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The rabbit who was looking for his shadow

A game of contrast between the outline and the filling of the shape is very interesting and appreciated by children.

Materiels :

- A4 white paper

- 2 thick and coloured papers (here, dark brown)

- pencil

- scissors or cutter

- patafix (ors tape)

- paint

- brushes (or fingers or as you want)

How to do it:

1. Draw a rabbit on the white paper. Cut it.

2. Attach the inside of the cut rabbit to one thick paper with the patafix and attach the stencil to the other.

3. Paint the outline of the rabbit and the inside of the stencil. Let dry.

4. Remove the elements fixed with the patafix.

We do a lot of painting activities at home. I like that children can paint using different techniques: their fingers (or other body parts), brushes (of various sizes), crumpled paper, straws, etc...

These various techniques are interesting because they allow:

(1) that the painting activity is not boring,

(2) to develop the creativity of the child various techniques and how to detour the use of daily objects (e.g. the straw is not used to drink but to blow the paint, the cotton swabs are used to paint dots, etc.)

(3) allow the development of fine motor skills by soliciting different hand work.


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