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Animals in various textures

It is well known that touching different textures is important for children (and even more for the babies) to explore and discover their environment. In fact, touching different textures can even facilitate food diversification in children.

So with Minus, we created Easter characters using lots of different textures for Minusculette (6 months).

L'éclosion du poussin:


- Cardboard

- Compass (drawing tool)

- Cutter

- Quick glue (vinyl type)

- 2 eggshells (but depending on the size of the chicken little)

- Mortar and pestle

- Corn grains

- Pieces of black and orange paper

How to do it:

Step 1 - the chicken little:

1. In a cardboard, draw with a compass and cut two circles of different diameters to form the future chicken (keep the circles for step 2).

2. Glue the cutout cardboard to another cardboard.

3. Fill the chicken shape with glue.

4. Pour the corn grain on the glue

6. Cut two circles (the eyes) from black paper and a triangle (the beak) from orange paper. Glue them on the corn.

Step 2 - the broken eggshell:

1. On the cut circles, draw mountains that will form the broken shell of our little chicken. Cut them.

2. In the mortar, place eggshells and break them with a pestle.

3. Put glue on the cardboard.

4. Pour the broken eggshells on the glue.

Tips: varnish the whole for a better fixation

The sweet and soft chicken little


- Cardboard

- Compass (drawing tool)

- Cutter

- Quick glue (vinyl type)

- feathers

- pieces of white, black and orange papers

How to do it:

1. Using a compass, draw the shape of a chicken on cardboard. Cut it.

2. Put glue on the shape and glue the feathers.

3. Cut out the eyes (white and black) and the beak (orange) from paper. Then glue them on the feathers.

A woolen sheep:


- Cardboard

- Cutter

- Quick glue (vinyl type)

- White wool

- Black marker

- Green paint

How to do it:

1. Draw a sheep on a cardboard and cut it.

2. Put glue on the belly and the top of the head of the sheep form.

3. Glue pieces of white wool

4. Colore the legs, tail and ears in black of the sheep. Then draw the eyes, the muzzle and the mouth.

5. Paint a piece of cardboard in green. Let it dry. Glue the sheep on it in order to put it back in its field ;-)


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