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Clay candle holders

Two kind of candle holder according to the age of the kid.

The Easter candle holder for 4+ requires a little attention to detail.

The butterfly candle holder can be done with 18months kid (with help for fixing) and in autonomy by 4+.


- White clay

- candles

- cookie cutters

- rolling pin

- decorations: fabric chick, paint, sequins, dried plants

How to do the Easter candle holder:

1. Roll out the clay with a rolling pin (1cm thick)

2. Add the dried plants and Roll out the clay to 0.5cm.

3. Put and push (lightly) the candle in the clay

4. Cut into a nice circle with a cookie cutter.

5. Add decorative elements (chick, clay egg). The + : smooth the whole thing with a brush and water.

6. Let dry and then paint the eggs.

The butterfly candle holder:

1. Form a ball of clay and place glitter on it.

2. Roll out the clay then cut out with a butterfly-shaped cookie cutter (or use a cardboard template).

3. Make a strip with the clay corresponding to the height of the candle.

4. Place the butterfly and fix it with the strip of clay placed around the candle.


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