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Mr Rabbit's juggling show

As a sweet and poetic transition between the Circus theme and the coming Spring season.

Mr. Lapin has the great honor of being the last act of the circus with his juggling show using recycled caps.

Find the details (materials and step by step explanations) here.

This activity is excellent for children between 18 and 36 months. It will allow them to work on their fine motor skills by screwing the caps.

Tips: If it's too difficult, the children can just put the caps on the screw or even just play to put the caps in a hole of the same shape.

I wanted to realise a juggling rabbit, but everyone can follow their imagination and create according to the child's interest, because what matters is that the game is attractive to the child.

A happy kid will enjoy the game even more if you create a nice setting or a nice story around it.


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