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On the head of the Mad Hatter

Do you think it's a pity that your birthday only comes around once a year? The solution is in the book of Alice in Wonderland. In fact, the mad hatter imagined by Lewis Carroll has found the solution: all you have to do is wish all the non-birthdays. That way, you'll be celebrating every day!

So why don't you get a little crazy and wear a nice hat?

This activity is based on recycled cardboard.

🎩 Materials:

- soft cardboard

- acrylic paints

- paintbrushes

- scissors

- compas

- glue

- glue gun

- tissue paper

- black marker

- headband

🎩 Step-by-step tutorial:

1. Download, print and cut the patterns:

Download PDF • 3.76MB

2. Transfer the patterns to a soft cardboard and cut them out.

3. Paint the all parts (note that the largest circle must be painted on both sides).

4. Roll and glue the long "rectangular" piece, overlapping 1 to 3 cm of cardboard. Let dry.

5. Glue the smallest part of the roll to the big circle.

6. Glue the largest part of the roll to the small circle.

7. Cut a 2-3cm strip of tissue paper and glue it close to base of the hat.

8. On the trapezoid shape (we decide to left it natural, but it can be painted), note the price of the hat with a black marker (10/6: "ten shillings and six pence", the Mad hatter forgot to remove the price tag from his hat).

Then, glue the price tag on the hat.

9. Put glue (using a glue gun, if you have one) to a small part of a headband and fix the hat on it.

For more details, the video tutorial is available: here

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