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Snow globe

As a child and as an adult, I've always been captivated by snow globes. I find them relaxing and beautiful. Why I waited 35 years to make one? I don't know.


- empty pot without label

- water

- glycerol (or a few drops of washing-up liquid).

- glitter

- waterproof glue

- plastic figurines (or others, but non-plastic objects may be destroyed in water, like the pieces of wood I glued to the bottom).


1. Clean a glass pot, removing all the labels and glue to make it transparent.

2. Glue the characters and components of your snow globe to the inside of the lid.

Tips: Be careful not to glue too close to the edge, you have to be able to screw the lid onto the pot.

3. Let dry for 24 hours

4. Fill the pot almost to the top with water.

Add a few drops of glycerol to slow the movement of the flakes and glitters.

Add some glitter.

Tips: not put too much glitters, otherwise you won't see anything and it won't look as pretty.

5. Close the pot and get your snow globe


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