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The Easter stained glass

With the coming Spring, the days are longer and the sun is more often present, so it's a great time to make colorful stained glass with kids.

Materials :

- Paper

- Cutter

- Transparent self-adhesive (used to cover books)

- Silk papers (for the transparency) or flower petals

How to do it:

1. Draw and cut Easter-themed stencils on black or white paper

2. Glue the stencils onto a transparent of self-adhesive paper.

Tips: if you don't have a self-adhesive paper you can use a transparent tape

3. Cut and glue several pieces of silk paper (or use flowers and petals that you collect outside).

4. Place the stained glass on a well exposed window

This is a really fun activities that the children love.

The stained glass with the flower petals lasted for several weeks and still looked great. I really liked this version with the petals because while collecting the flowers in my parents' beautiful garden, I was able to talk with Minus about pollination, plant reproduction and the different species we could find. We observed the different structures of the flowers. And we were able to spend some quality time together outside.


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