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The Seven Dwarfs

The tale of Snow White and... the 7 dwarfs. These last are the focus of the following activity.

Here I propose an activity based on toilet paper rolls and egg cartons.


- toilet paper rolls

- egg boxes

- scissors

- glue

- pencil

- acrylic paints

- white posca

- alcohol markers (product reference: here)

Step-by-step tutorial:

1. Open a roll of toilet paper lengthwise. Then cut it in half.

2. Reduce the diameter of the roll by rolling and gluing the excess.

3. Draw the face of one of the dwarves in pencil.

Color the face with alcohol markers.

Paint the beard with posca marker.

Color the rest of the tube to represent the dwarf's shirt.

Add a black belt at the bottom of the tube.

4. Cut a cone of an egg carton and paint it before sticking it on top of the toilet paper roll to make the dwarf's hat.

The gallery of the seven dwarves:


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